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13 06 10 - goodbye;
ladies feelin' naughty.
i hate to do this, but i'm no longer making graphics in terms of icons and banners anymore. it's been forever and i don't have the drive, motivation or love of it anymore; least of all enough to make decent batches of icons, etc. everytime i open photoshop and try to icon.... i like nothing i make anymore.

my apologies. maybe one day i shall indeed return to the world of graphics on livejournal. i shall miss you.
24 05 10 - 54 → 30
( tv: fringe | thinktank )
warning: spoilers for over there: part 1 & 2

cut for iconsCollapse )
14 05 10 - psa;
ladies feelin' naughty.
i know i made/set up requests and i'm sorry it's taking so damn long. due to both personal issues and such, as well as my icon mojo just being off... they're post-poned. i'm truly sorry but i just... don't have it in me to really do any hardcore iconing right now. when i feel up to it again i will finish the requests and post them.

again, my apologies.
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